My Personal Master Cleanse Benefits!

Okay so as promised, here are my BENEFITS from the Master Cleanse…the unparalleled outcome.

1. After the full 10 days my tongue started turning white again! This is a sign the cleanse is over, it’s done, the nasty build up in your body is outta here!

2. In 10 days I lost 8 pounds! I wasn’t on the detox for losing weight, I was on it to get rid of allergies…but I won’t get my panties in bunches at losing some weight too!

3. I could smell things so much better, comparing my ability to smell prior to the cleanse and after, it is like having one of those candles you buy at the dollar store that stinks instead of smells good, to a Yankee Candle. There is no middle road. It was just plain as could be. I could smell like a dog =)

4. I had no caffeine addiction and lost the desire to have coffee or soda!

5. I felt better, like I had tons of energy stored up. I even woke up earlier and could stay up a little longer, my body wasn’t dragging!

6. I had the desire to drink water more than anything else, which kept my hunger pangs down and was helping me to continue to LOSE MORE WEIGHT!

8. I didn’t crave sweets, I didn’t want fried food (what was I thinking????) I couldn’t believe what my body was telling me. When I looked at a Snickers bar my face turned to the side.

9. I could taste things better. This one really surprised me. I didn’t realize I wasn’t really tasting my food before. It was like my tastebuds were on overload and they weren’t transmitting the taste to my brain…BUT NOW…I could taste things individually. I had some normal soup, and it wasn’t even fancy, and I could taste the individual foods in it! WOW, that was awesome!

10. Come a few weeks down the road into allergy season…I DIDN’T HAVE ALLERGIES!!!! Every Fall and every Spring I would reach for my Claritin…well, guess what…I didn’t even blow my nose! I couldn’t believe it. My brother was right, I was allergy free! YEAH!

So…why would someone NOT want to go on this Master Cleanse??

I woudl like to add that my old habits soon started settling back in and within 2 years I started trying sodas and pop and cookies and it came flooding back. I also realized I started having allergies again. This was a sure sign that I needed to go back on the cleanse.

When I did, it didn’t take the entire 10 days (only 7). My body didn’t have the build up like the first time I went through it. My tongue cleared up a lot faster! It is a life style that I plug in to my new years resolutions. It is such a small amount of time in the scheme of things.

I even got a large group of friends and we do it together now. My Mom even tried this and she went on the Master Cleanse for 15 days. She has been doing it every year since.

My friends, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!

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