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Meal Plans & Nutrition Freebies!

Here are 5 tips to help you with a healthier lifestyle and better planning. The main thing to remember is NUTRITION is key to any health goal. This page is loaded with nutrition freebies. Please share the news so I can keep these great handouts and ebooks for free.

Answer the two questions below:

  1.  Do you focus on nutrition more than exercise?
  2. Do you know about how many calories you consume per week?

If you can nail down these two questions and answer them with a yes, your health will be significantly betterBelow are the top recipes for success with your nutrition.

1. Focus More on Nutrition Than Exercise

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It is said that our nutrition is about 80-85% of our health.  I am one to believe this percentage as I’ve seen it first hand in my life, my clients, and my family.

To the left you can download 5 free meal plans to give you a jump start!

We can log in an hour of exercise, give it all we got, use up all our immediate energy and feel great. The problem is we usually don’t refuel well. We may down some protein powder right before or after a workout, but then 30 minutes later we start getting hungry. This usually is when we tend to get something we shouldn’t because one, we are hungry, and too we just worked out so we should reward ourselves with whatever sounds good. This is why fast food is an American staple. If 80-85% of our health is indeed NUTRITION, then our highest priority should be just that—our food – NOT what exercises we are going to do.

This is a recipe for disaster when it’s done over time. The simple workout we gave 100% effort to, can be reversed in no time with the refueling choices. Make your nutrition your focus and your workouts secondary. This will lower your calories to burn and you won’t have to workout as hard, or as much.

2. Don’t Reward Yourself with Food

We come home from a long day at work, hungry, and ready to eat whatever we can get your hands on because we are tired and exhausted. We don’t find anything readily available to eat, so we settle for the quickest and easiest thing so we can relax and not do one more thing that requires brain activity for the next hour.

Sometimes we can work hard at the gym all week, or nail it in the kitchen with healthy meals, but we decide we can reward ourselves with the great effort and destroy our diet on the weekends. We can definitely have fun food, but it’s how often and how much.

If we reward ourselves with only fun food choices, this will end up being another recipe for disaster. We will work hard all week and lose weight, but put it right back on with our reward system.

NUTRITION 80% Health  ~  EXERCISE 20% Health

3. Challenges are Awesome Tools Get Healthy

Have you ever tried a nutrition challenge? If so, did you finish? Did you finish well I should say?

If you took the next 30 days and truly focused on your nutrition first, and made it a number one gigantic priority, over exercise, I bet you’d feel and look better, have more energy, laugh more, reduce wrinkles, have more focus, and get more done in less time.

Want to try it?

This one has 26 options to get you focused on a nutrition challenge of your choice. Just pick one of the options A-Z and nail it! You can even add some of the other choices as you go. Keep building upon your current challenge.

Some of the challenges include:

  1. No Carbonation
  2. Limit Bread
  3. Eat 8 servings of veggies per day
  4. Only eat fruits for your main sugar consumption
  5. Drink 64 ounces of water – or your suggested amount

If you need more accountability, you can try this 30-Day Devotional and Nutritional Email Sign up, just sign up by clicking on the image to the left.



4. Get Enough Protein

Protein usuallly is obtained through meats for the average American, or for the fitness-minded person, it may be whey protein powder. Whatever your protein endulgence, make sure you are getting ehough and that you are spreading it out instead of getting it all at once.

Sometimes we think we guzzeled it down after a good workout and so we are set until dinner. 

Think again.

If you consume protein throughout the day, and space it out with your meals and snacks, you will most likely see a significant increase in your muscles and a decrease in your hunger. 



5. Make a Plan

The Bible is clear. It says without a plan we will perish. If you have a plan you are more likely to succeed at your goals. Think about going through the week with a plan, even if it is SIMPLE like this easy to follow graphic to the left. 

Crockpot Mondays

Tacos Tuesdays

Whatever Wednesday

Leftover Thursdays

Out to eat Fridays

Dine-In Saturdays

Family Sitdown Meal Sundays

Let me know how these simple tools can help you achieve greatness in your healthy planning. I’d love to hear all about it.

There are a few steps to get on the right track with making nutrition a priority.  Here are some other posts on how to implement good foods in your lifestyle.  Give them a whirl.

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