4 Solutions to Kick Your Emotions & Mind in Gear

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Going outside and working out is a fav for me and some of my friends, but it’s not for everyone.  Sometimes there is more going on, on the inside of someone, that is holding them back from enjoying all God called them to be and do.

Sometimes we can feel inadequate in certain situations.

For example: Let’s say you want to join a gym because you are needing to lose 20 pounds.  You walk in the door and the only thing your eyes can see are fit skinny people walking around. You instantly think you are being judged and want to run the other way.

Let’s say you are walking outside, trying to muster enough strength to jog a few moments in hopes to get your heart rate a few notches higher. All of the sudden a skinny fast runner blows past you.

In either of these situations, your mind can do a number on your motivation.  You can allow your mind to tell your physical body to turn around and leave the gym without signing up, or walk in defeat back to your house.

Our minds can fabricate lies and make our emotions hang on to them…and none of it’s true. The large root of this is when we compare ourselves to others.

4 Solutions to Kick your Emotions and Mind in Gear

If you feel like you can’t take advantage of God’s creation with exercise, then let’s talk about a few quick options.
1.  Call a friend for support. Sometimes just talking it out can put a different perspective on your situation.
2.  Ask God for Help. If you have no one to go with you at the time you are needing to exercise, stop right where you are and ask God to be your strength in time of need. Ask God to control your mind and not the enemy.  Ask God to clear your mind of others, jealousy, and competition. Ask God for motivation.
3.  Listen to encouraging music. Christian music doesn’t have to be slow.  Some I enjoy running with make me run faster: Toby Mac, Skillet, and Newsboys are some examples.  Some, not all, secular music isn’t building us up at all. Choose your music wisely.  You will be surprised what you are really listening to if you take a moment and think about the words you have already memorized to certain songs.
4. Choose a verse you can take with you on your journey.  A simple verse I like that is memorized by many people: “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” Phil. 3:14. It’s one thing to just say a verse we know, it’s another to claim it over our lives and believe it.  Do you really believe this verse?

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