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If you have a petite figure, you are not one size fits all. There are many differences in this body shape. Use this guide to suit yourself. Petite figures usually are shorter in stature and are proportionate. If you are curvier but are still petite in height, check out the curvy shape page. If you are a thinner petite woman, the triangle tops and the thinner bottoms compliment your shape. In general here are suggestions that will suit you best:

  • Stay away from higher waisted options as they will make you look sorter
  • Wear suits higher on your hips
  • Wear triangle tops that take the focus off your neck (with a closed neckline it can make you look shorter)
  • Halter tops and fun embellishments are a fun addition

Option 1: Suits For Smaller Chested Petite Figures

Not all women have bigger chests, even if they are a certain body shape. This is why women are confused when looking for suits. They are not in ONE category. In fact, many don’t. So if you are one who is blessed with a smaller top-half, try a swim top with:

  • cute straps
  • a halter top
  • more coverage on the chest between your boobs to lessen cleavage
  • embellishments
  • ruffles
  • padding to give the illusion of a larger chest
  • bright colors help


Cute top with full coverage and no cleavage. Has style and funk with the two-tone colors. Skimpy bottoms shows off the lower end instead of the top.

For Smaller Chests RUFFLE TOP

Although I'd never sit like this in a bikini, it's still a cute suit set. It has full coverage and ruffles to have the appearance of a larger chest. It has a contrasting bottom set to bring attention to that area. It's sold by Bikini Luxe for $90.

For Smaller Chests HALTER TOP

This has more coverage than a triangle string bikini, yet still shows a little cleavage. It has a cute matching bottom and to draw attention away from the chest. You can find this one at Bikini Luxe.

For Smaller Chests FULL COVERAGE

This halter top is bright with color and design and still has charm and grace. Has full coverage and helps reduce the appearance of a smaller chest. Rosewood Halter Bikini Set – $89.00

Option 2: Suits For Bigger Chested Petite Figures

You can still rock out a great suit with a bigger chest size without letting it get in the way.

  • higher support
  • underwire tops (not that total string bikini even if it is super cute unless you have moderate to medium sized boobs, otherwise it’s not staying put)
  • thicker straps for ease on the shoulders
  • bands that are double stitched so they last longer

For Bigger Chests THICK STRAPS

This halter top has thicker straps so it won't dig into your shoulders. It also is very well made and has a thick band under the chest to keep everything in. This one might cost more, utit's worth it to have the coverage and style you need and want. Sold at Bikini Luxe for $95.

For Bigger Chests FULL COVERAGE

This is a cheaper option with tons of coverage yet still shows cleavage. It has support and built-in cups. It also has color-blocking. There are a few left and it's sold at Cupshe for only $25.80!

For Bigger Chests UNDERWIRE

What a cute suit set and for only $23.99 at Cupshe. Underwire and cups and pads with a back hook closure.


one piece for Petite Figures because of the cut outs. This is one you could mix and match. Sold by Cupshefor under $25.

Option 3: Modest Swimsuits for Petite Figures

One pieces can still look good even with very modest taste. Try to:

  • swirly or busy patterns
  • fun straps
  • bright colors and mix-matching options
  • form fitting
  • lower on the hips
  • less cleavage

Modest Suits - Athletic Biuld

This tankini is a twist look with full support, full coverage and a modest appeal. Find this one at Beachbliss for $86.

Modest Tankini - NO CLEAVAGE

Find this a t Beachbliss for $84. It has cute double straps and an underwire for support.

Modest One Piece - FUN COLORS

Cute colors and coplete coverage with cleavage and a full back. Lower on the hips as well. Full support and underwire. Very good quality suit. Beachbliss sells this for only $49 right now.

Modest One Piece - FUN BACK

This does show more cleavage but it is still modest with it being lower on the hips. It has a fun back side and is a designed suit by Voda Swim. This is top quality and will be a favorite. Sold by Beachbliss for $137.

Option 4: One Piece Swimsuits for Petite Figures

Maybe you have stretch marks or had a C-section and just feel better in a one piece. You can still rock it out at the beach in these designs.

  • cut outs
  • monokinis
  • wraps
  • bright colors
  • higher waists
  • brighter top half with solid bottom

One Piece & Tankinis - SKIMPY

This tankini is a fun two-color combo. It has a low cleavage line and higher cuts on the hips. Sold by Cupshe for $25.99


Find this one piece at Cupshe for only $31.99. Cute lace and lower cleavage gives this a sexy look. The back is super cute too.

Modest One Piece - HIGH END

This is a super high-end expensive suit, but worth it in style. This is made very well and will hold up - no matter how high you yank up the sides. Sold at Bikini Luxe for $169.


Find this sey suit at Beachbliss. Super cute and sexy does come with a price tag - $209. But if you're up for looking your best and this style suits you, go for it and rock it out.

Option 5: Styles for Petite Figures with Bigger Bottoms

Look for:

  • solid bottoms, (black tends to make things appear smaller but don’t settle)
  • match it up with a fun printed top to draw attention away from the behind if you have to go black
  • don’t be shy with fun colors!!
  • full coverage on the cheeks will help you feel more comfortable
  • stay away from high waisted bottoms 
  • skirts are also a fun choice if they aren’t pleated


This super cute Abstract Tie-dyed Bikini Set is only $24 at Cupshe. It has some fun side straps on the bottoms to give it a higher waisted approach without all the material.

For Bogger Bottoms - DISTRACTING TOP

I actually own this one from Cupshe and love it. It's not cheap and has full coverage on t eback end. It's made well and puts the attention on the top and not te bottom.


Don't sacrifice your style for only black bottoms. This cute suit has a fun battern with lots of coverage in the front and back. Sold by for $58.

For Bigger Bottoms - SKIRTS

Swim skirts can be made cheap so make sure you get a good quality one that as lots of spunk and stitching! This one is sold by Beachbliss for only $66.

Option 6: Styles for Petite Figures with Flatter Bottoms

If you are looking for a bigger behind, look for something with:

  • patterns and fun colors
  • prints with ruching and frills.
  • ruching comes in handy, as they give the illusion of a bigger behind
  • bright colors!

Flatter Behinds - LIGHT COLORS

Show more skin to give appearance of more behind. This cute suit is light colors to highlight the area. It's sold by Beachbliss for $79. Great quality and sometimes sold out due to heavier traffic.

Flatter Behinds - FRILLS HELP

These fun bottoms can help deter the thinner behind appearance. It's a cute take on a stayle looking bottom. upshe sells these for $23 as a set.


A louder bottom will add to your fanny by complimenting it with a solid top. Mix matching is fun to do. Cupshe sells this combo for $22.80.

Flatter Behind - SOLIDS

This luxuray suit can show off more of your fanny and rise higher up your back to give it an appearance of a larger behind.This sells at Bikini Luxe for $166.