Pray in Your Storm No Matter What

I was inspired once again of the story of Hezekiah. The King of ancient times in the Bible whose life was told was going to end by the great prophet Isaiah. The King was told to get things in order and accept the defeat of death. As the news sunk in Hezekiah refused to go down without a fight. He wept bitterly and reminded God that he walked in truth, had a loyal heart and did what was good in his sight for him.  Before the prophet had left the courts, God told him to return and tell the King God saw his tars and heard his prayer (that was fast) and would add 15 fruitful years to his life. Then it adds that Isaiah took a clump of figs an laid it on his terminal body and he recovered. This last part amazes me. Hezekiah asked for a sign that this was true. God made the sun go backwards 10 degrees to prove the impossible.

No matter your storm in life, God is more than able to turn your situation around, in even in the midst of a terminal illness. He has the power to heal and can do so however he decides. He can do so by miracle means, natural means and human means. Continue in prayer even when weak, even when there seems no hope.  He can help in the largest obstacles in life right down to the little ones. Sometimes He withholds because of His greater plan, that we have to trust is way better than ours.

Storms many come and go in our lives, but God doesn’t. He is there no matter how silly or how terminal of a request.  No matter if you can’t get through the day, your homework, your weight loss or your relations issue. He is there, call on Him.

Reference: 2 Kings 20: 1-11


Having six children in six years and a husband that supports me in all I do, has given me much to live for. However, the reason why I live is because of Jesus. I can’t imagine going a day without the hope He gives and the freedom for which my soul and spirit can thrive. After receiving my bachelors from ORU in O/I COM, I decided to get more training to hone my skills. I am a certified personal trainer, multi-certified fitness instructor, wellness and life coach. Most of us know a rock solid workout and nutrition plan isn’t going to make us healthy – there is way more to the equation. I’m here to help sift it out and challenge you to find your peace, calling, desires, and purpose in life through every avenue of your being; physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, and social all through a Godly perspective. If you have an inward desire to totally transform your inner health along side the physical, grab your sneakers and tighten up your laces because you are about to embark on a journey like nothing you’ve experienced – if you allow it to happen.

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