Which Protein Powder Is Best for Me?

protein powders

I decided to make a video post today. It will sum it up a lot faster if I show you then just write it down for you.  However, if you can’t load the video for whatever reason, below are the highlights!


What Do I look for in a Protein Powder?

  1. It HAS to taste good…otherwise, it’s going to sit there and we’ll all dread drinking the thing.
  2. It can’t have any artificial sweeteners in it. (Some of them give me weird twitches in my lip – I know, it sounds strange, but that’s what happens when I drink aspartame, it makes me feel agitated, AND I get swelling in my joints of all things..study your body and see if these signs, or different, happen to you when you drink artificial sweeteners.)
  3. Stevia is the sweetener of choice – preferably organic.
  4. Buy protein powders with 10g – 30g . (The average women can’t metabolize tons of protein all at once. I stay around 20 grams per serving. I eat meat, dairy, beans, and get sources of protein elsewhere. If this is you, don’t spend a lot of time on drinking protein – if you are getting your protein from good sources. Guys can have more protein per serving, and that’s a controversial subject on how much at once, but 30g is a normal range.)
  5. Try different flavors of the same brand – it makes a difference.
  6. Don’t worry if you like one and your family likes another – only buy it if you like it.
  7. I don’t  drink it every day, but when I do, it’s usually AFTER a lifting workout only.
  8. Get your protein from foods first if possible.
  9. Do what works for you. Don’t be pressured to buy a multi-level marketing protein mix. If you do the research, generally they promise great protein and it’s not much more than the stuff you buy at Sam’s (they ALL are not like this – so do your homework and don’t just trust the words of someone selling it).


Make sure you get enough throughout the day.  You can get sluggish with your metabolism if you aren’t getting enough, amoung other issues.

Having enough protein in my day helps me:

  • lose weight because I’m not filling up on carbs
  • regulate my metabolism
  • have the correct fuel for building and maintaining muscle
  • to have clarity of thought because I’m fueling properly

When we are hungry and don’t know what to eat – protein should be the first thing we run to.


So how much is too much and how little is too little? God created every person differently, thus we have various desires, strengths, and weaknesses. This also means we have different metabolic needs – a different number of certain foods for each of us.

If I’m a runner, and not a heavy weight lifter, I won’t need as much protein, however, I still need it, nor does a child need as much protein an adult, etc. The point is to make sure you are getting enough. The average person should consume about half their body weight in grams of protein. A person who weighs 200 pounds, should consume around 100g of protein.

If you are unsure of your protein needs, seek out a health care professional. There are tons of them at your fingertips in your community, and they don’t bite. Seeing a Dietician or Nutrition Specialist could truly help you find your personal needs in protein, carbs, and fat metabolic distributions.  It could change your daily living to a more positive life experience if you have issues with them.


If you ask a professional athlete what protein powder they use, it will likely be more expensive. Do you get what you pay for? In some cases, yes. I like to be able to support local businesses, good businesses, Christian Businesses, and sometimes physically go to the store to get my protein. But that’s me. Maybe you don’t have the time or you have the money to go buy what the NFL players consume. Either way, do what works best for you and your family.


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