Some people are not trackers, recorders or secretaries nor have the gifts that come along with these administrative positions – some on the other hand have no problem keeping a journal, writing prayer requests, keeping track of calories, etc.

I have a CHALLENGE for you all: RECORD AND TRACK highlighted aspects of your life/Prayer Request!

I recently went through some drawers and stumbled across my “keep sakes” from high school and college. As I took a trip down memory lane, I realized how many things I keep track of. I had a calendar of my senior year – WOW – I didn’t realize how busy I was. I also found little memorabilia that triggered found memories of friends, events and daily activities. Among all pictures and ticket stubs I realized how blessed I was to have written down some thoughts in a journal. Yes, it skipped many days in a row, even months at times, yet I still had a little glimpse of my thoughts – way back then.

So why is there a challenge for us today. Do you ever hear the words “You should write that down so when your kids get older you will remember”…so do you actually go and do it? I have a handful of times, but for the most part – NO, I don’t. I rack my brain at the end of the year when I make our annual DVD for Christmas, yet come up short and stick to the most recent activity my brain can track back to. This usually ends up being about 1 month back. I am missing so much of the year!

I also stumbled upon a prayer journal. When I was in college (back in the day, wow that seems forever ago) our Chaplin had us keep a prayer journal. I decided what would it hurt, and decided to track some prayer requests to see when God would answer them. I even kept it in my Bible so I would not lose it. I started writing every prayer I could think of..anything from family members getting saved, to having enough money for a plane ticket for Christmas break to my own future marriage. Some of these requests needed to be answered very soon and others were not given a timeline.

This prayer journal was the most amazing find of all my memorabilia. Why? Because I had written down the date I would ask God for the prayer and then periodically I would write down the answered date. I looked over pages of prayers and almost every one was answered. Sure, they all weren’t answered with a yes, but they were answered! I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. I was astonished at how faithful God was – is! I was also blown away by the miracles I saw. One time I asked for money for a plane ticket to see my folks and I had no money at the time, 2 days later, Nick’s brother, Bob, called and said he had a plane voucher that he wasn’t going to use and it was transferable! Another time I asked for money for a missions trip, I received it in the nick of time. There are so many prayers that I kept track of it just blew me away.

So…challenge yourself to keep a Prayer Tracker. I will include one here so you can print it out and use it in your Bible or place of meeting with the Lord.

Just think if people didn’t take pictures of you when you were a baby, of if scholars didn’t keep track of literature or Bible times…

Check out the next post about keeping a Fitness Tracker:

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