Walking is the targeted way to lose weight – NO MATTER WHAT AGE. If you have weight to actually lose, this is a great alternative to running or jogging. Walking is considered one of the best forms of exercise (along with swimming, biking, and fitness classes). This is because it is the most functional and natural thing a human does. 

Some people can’t run or jog for health reasons. If this is you, listen up to the key factors in walking and check out the free plan below.


If you sit for hours a day, then walking will loosen up your hips, hamstrings, quads, core, and especially your back.  It helps get your blood flowing and warms up your body temperature. You CAN lose calories just by walking. Speed walking will definently help with that. It helps with flexibility, reduces stress, and can help with social health when you walk with others.


Download the free plan. 

This is a 4-week progression plan to ramp up your endurance. As you progress you will increase your time, speed, and add an incline.


Week 1: Follow the chart: about 25 minutes or less

Week 2: Add 1 minute to each timed section: about 30-35 minutes total time

Week 3: Add an additional minute to each timed section: about 45 minutes total

Week 4: Add a hill or incline to your route


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