2 Easy Steps to Set Up this Study

  1. If you are desiring to set this up at your church or a small group of 3 or more go here
  2. If you are desiring to start this study with one Accountability Partner (AP) read below:

Identifying Accountability Partners

The first thing to do is buy the book. Then the next most important is finding the RIGHT accountability Partner:  There are countless women dragging through life as they stand cornered with huge health battles—alone and afraid. They need you, and you need them. Having a strong and available support system is the key component to advance in battles, big or small.

This book is a journey and to be experienced together with someone else. Prayerfully consider who should accompany you for the next 14 weeks on your journey. God gave you special girlfriends to uphold, love, stand beside, be accountable to, and even with whom to walk through the craziness of this world. God knows women need to talk (some more than others), listen, cry, laugh, and love. He created us this way. However, there is truth that you connect better with some women than others. Ask God to help you decide if you are to run this race with just one woman or in a small group.

At times, this journey will ask difficult personal questions, some of which could take you to the Grand Canyon of your soul. health concerns could surface as conversations go deeper before climbing to mountain peaks. Let yourself in on this
secret: you do not have to keep any woman title. Be real, be honest, and be you. This will be a give-and-take journey. One week you may be the encourager and the next, the encouragee. This vital connect with God first and pray for
direction with whom to share these special moments. I have faith that you can find and connect with at least the billions of amazing women God created.

There are three degrees of accountability you can encounter on this journey:

  1. Accountability with God. Being accountable to God can look different to everyone.
    Ask God:
    ** What being accountable to Him looks like for you personally.
    ** To give you daily time to pray.
    ** Questions, and wait for answers.
  2. Accountability Partner (AP). AP attributes should have qualities attractive to you.
    Who will be:
    ** Open with honest communication, available to pray with and for you.
    ** Accountable with you, without getting upset, trustworthy.
    ** Available at the frequency you need.
  3. Accountability Group (AG). You may have the privilege of going through this book
    in a small group with your AP. For example, if another set of APs meets with you and
    your AP, this would create a small accountability group. Another option is to have three
    in a small group if there is not a fourth AP.  Note: Read the Accountability Group Details

You can purchase the book here or at any online retailer.