Spiritual Health

Spiritual health is the condition of our relationship with our Creator.  This relationship can seem strong at times and even weak at others.  Even if our relationship with God feels distant or stressed, that doesn’t mean He feels that way. His love is unconditional…and ours? Well, it’s very conditional.  Frankly, we are conditional creatures because we live in a fallen world – with sin.  This sin separates us from God, which causes spiritual stress and a distance in our relationship with Him…and this cause our spiritual health to become rotten.

God can’t tolerate sin, because He is holy, which means sin literally creates a barrier, or a chasm, between us and Him. The only way to fix this is to be right with Him, accept His plan to be closer with Him. This plan is called ‘the plan of salvation’ or ‘the good news.’ It’s great news because there is a plan to fi our spiritual health. This plan is all about our Savior Jesus.  If you have doubts about God’s love for you, turn to His word.

If you have doubts about God’s love for you, turn to His word. Scriptures to Combat Doubt

No matter the depth of our personal relationship status with God, we should actively continue to pursue a healthy relationship with Him.  If you feel distant from God, pray and talk to Him about it. It’s not weird to offer a prayer just because you want to know Him more. He desires to have a close relationship with you.  The Bible is full of scripture that tells us all about His love for us.

♥ The best ways to build our spiritual health is to read His word and pray. ♥ 

I have found in my own life that when I put God first, and truly seek after Him and spend quality time with Him, that things began to change – and it all starts with me. I begin to change because my perspective changes and not necessarily my situation.

Those little things that should have mattered, didn’t.  The bigger picture becomes center stage and things of this world seem insignificant.  This my friends is the most freeing feeling.  It’s the most stress-free living possible.   It’s called abundant living .

We should run to Him and not our situations or circumstances.  Be strong in the Lord and remember, for those who believe, you are a child of the King.  You are His.  You are loved, cared for and beautifully made in His image. Identity Crisis – who God says you are?

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questions about dying

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why did jesus have to die

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