Sometimes it’s not what we do, but how we do it that changes everything.

“I have to do laundry again!” instead of “I get to do laundry”. Of course this might work on someone who has matured in their years and experienced the have-not’s in their life time, but what about those younger blossoming tweens that have always experienced the have’s?  And we can even ask ourselves, what about us, those adults who have generally experienced the have’s as well?

As a quickly approaching 40 year old, I have experienced my have-not’s but this really is in my own little perspective.  It’s not to any degree compared to those in poverty, the poor, the destitute or those experiencing the loss of a child. The list could go on, but the point is we don’t have it as bad as we think – especially living in America. We just think we do because we are surrounded by blessings and prosperity to the 100th degree.  We get lost in the overall world view of what it really is to be a have-not.  We shouldn’t be stressed if we spill coffee on our new clothes. In reality, some never get new clothes.

There are things in life that will fall on us, like bird poop from the sky.  It will land right on us and change our attitude, our emotions and our entire day – because it inconvenienced us and we have the right to be sassy to everyone else “I’m having a bad day!”  Why does this entitlement exist?

To whom much is given, much is required.

If you are given a house to call your own, there are responsibilities.  Things break all the time (this usually happens in 3’s for some reason) and we can’t get our britches in a wad because “I just can’t deal with it“.  We know there are consequences with owning a home.  We know there are expenses when owning a car and…stuff.  The things we buy in this life will require attention, time and money and sometimes too much of it.  We can’t be stressed or blind to recognize these things are gifts, and not our focus.  The more we have, the more our focus on the important can be lost. It’s not what we do with our gifts, it’s how we use them.  It’s not what we do, but how we do it.

When I say, “I have to do laundry again!” I really should say:
“Thank you Lord I get to do laundry in a clean home, with a machine that works better than a wash board, clean water, soap, enough clothes that I have to have separate specific loads (add a glitter/sparkle load if you have little girls) and a family I get to wash them for.”

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