Stretcher Prepper Program Descriptions

These exercises are listed in sequential order. Perform each stretch for a full 5- breaths before going to the next exercise.  Turn some Christ-centered inspirational music on and relax as you breath and take a much needed time out for your physical body.

1. Full Body Stretch—lay flat on the floor on your back, arms raised above head, which is touching the floor. Extend your body fully, like it is being pulled in opposite directions.

2. Knees to Chest—from the first exercise, continue through by bringing knees to chest, allowing your lower back to sink into the floor. *Lift your neck and shoulders and curl your chin to your chest for added benefit.

3. One Knee to Chest—from Knees to Chest position, drop only your left leg so it rests and relaxes on the floor, like 
the first “Prone Stretch.” Keep your right knee bent and pulled up to your chest. Gently grab your right knee with your left hand and pull your knee across your chest, leaving your shoulders comfortably close to the ground. Breathe slowly for 5-6 breaths. Transition to the other leg slowly and repeat the stretch on the other side. *Straighten the bent knee while pulled across your chest.

4. Hamstring Stretch—Lying on your back,
slowly bring up your legs as close as
you can to your chest, keeping them as
straight as possible.

5. L-Stretch—while in the ending stretch
position from the Hamstring Stretch, lay
back down to the floor, but bend your
knees and put your feet flat on the floor.
Take one leg and drape it over the other
to make an ‘L’. Grab your bottom leg or
bottom ankle if flexibility allows. Remain
there for 5-6 breaths. Then switch sides.
* Point and flex your toes while in the stretch for a deeper approach.

6. Drop to Side—laying on back, bring knees to your chest and arms out to a ‘T’. Slowly drop your legs to one side,
keeping knees as close together as
possible. Release your back muscles.
After 5-6 slow breaths, slowly bring
knees back to your chest and drop them
off to the other side.

7. Glute Stretch—lay back down on your
back with knees bent and feet flat on
the floor. Take your right leg and place
the right ankle on the left knee. Using
your hands, pull up on the bottom of
your left thigh so your left foot comes
off the floor. Relax your muscles as you
stretch. Breathe 5-6 full breaths before
releasing the hands and exchanging to
the other leg. *Extend the knee that has the ankle on it, and grab your calf
instead of your thigh.

8. Round and Arch Back – transition to
hands and knees on floor. Keep hands
aligned under your shoulders and your
knees aligned under your hips. Slowly
lower your chin towards your chest and
round your back, exhaling all your air.
Separate your shoulders as you press
your spine toward the ceiling. Hold as
long as you can before needing to inhale.
As you inhale, relax your back and neck
by slightly looking up and arching your
back. Repeat these two motions as you
breathe in and out, up to 6 times.

9. Child’s Sit – from Round and Arch Back,
slowly push your hips back so your
bottom is on your heels. Drop your
forehead to the floor and extend your
arms straight past your head on the
floor. Relax your body as you sink into
the stretch with each breath. *Once
your arms are extended as far as they will go, slowly walk in your thumbs
together and hold while taking in 5-6 breaths.

10. Back Extension – from Child’s Sit, slowly push your hips forward into a plank-like position, but drop your hips to
the ground. Arms should be under your shoulders with bent elbows. Look towards the ceiling as you breathe out
and stretch your abdominal muscles and neck. Relax the bottom half of your body. Skip this stretch if it irritates
your back.

11. Reverse Bridge – from Back Extension,
push your hips up in the air and slightly
walk your hands closer to your feet as
you put your weight evenly on your feet
and hands. Relax your shoulders and
neck and breathe slowly for 5-6 breaths.
*Aim to place your heels flat on the
ground while in this position.

12. Forward Fold – from Reverse Bridge, put weight
on your feet by walking your hands toward your
feet to a standing position (slightly bend your
knees if the stretch is too deep). Keep your head
down, face your eyes towards your legs and the
crown of your head towards the ground. Pull
upper body towards your legs and wrap your
hands around your legs. Hold for 5-6 breaths,
then very slowly round your back as you come to
a standing position. *Aim to place your hands flat
on the floor, or tucked under your feet (palms up).

13. Standing Inhale Stretch – stand up tall with feet wider than shoulder width. Slowly exhale all air while you squat and scoop down with your arms to
cross in front of your body, slightly brushing the floor without bending over if
possible. Inhale as you stand up and reach arms all the way up over head,
opened wide, looking towards heaven—as high as you can reach. Repeat
as soon as you need to exhale. Continue 5-6 times. *Aim for holding it at
the top with full lungs as long as you can before exhaling and coming slowly
back down.