Strong Bodies Start Young

// I had to share this cute video of my son practicing for Football. He is lifting his (much smaller sister) to achieve a good chest workout. 
Kids now a days are either in a sport or activity most days of the week, or they are in front of technology for a better part of the day. I know, I know. Not ALL kids follow this formula, but you have to admit, most do. 
There are creative ways we can set our kids up for a fun fitness session, or an interactive sibling boot camp. Try some of these fun approaches to a good workout – together:
  • Have one lift another (like the video)
  • Try having them race to a nearby landmark – stop sign, next driveway, park, etc. Have them pick up a pine cone and run back.
  • Have them leap frog in the grass, log roll down a hill, jump over each other, etc.
  • Have them race each other while doing crab walks, bear crawls, bunny hops or on all fours.
  • Who can do the most in 30 seconds?
    • Pushups, sit ups, crunches, tricep dips, plank holds, curl ups – pull ups, hopping on one leg – then the other, etc.
These are just a few to get started. Try them out with your kids, grand kids or even your neighbors kids to get them interactive in their health.

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