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Are You Wasting Time Working Out? Are You a Treadmill Runner?

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People are literally wasting their time working out – especially if it’s just cardio. Before we go any further, healthy nutrition is the best and fastest way to a healthier body. Exercise is only a small portion – 20% at most.  If you honestly want to get healthy and lose weight, make sure your nutrition is […]

5 Deep & Transforming Strategies to Make your Life More Awesome

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We all deserve a healthy thriving life – regardless of our circumstances, but our current health circumstances (mental or physical) can steal our joy and hold us hostage (too busy, too fat, not enough time, no energy, too unforgiving, too bitter, bad genetics, nutrition frustrations).  If you’ve sought out self help books, health programs, blogs, personal trainers, wellness and life coaches or […]

Warm Up Is Just As Important – 400-600 Reps – Advanced Level

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During your warm up, remember who created you, remember why you have the health you have. It’s not because YOU eat well and YOU take care of your body. God gave you that body to take care of, that’s your free gift from Him and your obligation. Remember those who are stricken with a disease […]