Trish Hunt

trish hunt

“I’ve seen the love of Christ through this amazing woman, Sarah Hansel.  She is inspiring with grace and love.  I’m diabetic and have struggled with food my entire life. My relationship with food was unhealthy.  Sarah offered me an opportunity to take her class. I prayed hard about it because I hated working out!  I knew this was a gift from God.  That was a little over a year ago.  Not only did I focus on the class and challenges Sarah presented, she would encourage me through emails, at church, and messages. Every encouragement was given with so much love.  She genuinely cares about your wellbeing and has a definite gift for teaching nutrition and wellness. She broke things down and gave easy to follow instructions. I lost in total 75 lbs in 6 months and gained a new relationship with food and my body.  Feed your body like it’s your temple!”
-Trisha Hunt  9/1/15

Erin Englebrecht

erin comparison pict“Sarah is always giving everyone informational positive advice on how to better care for themselves.  She motivates everyone to keep striving for their fitness goals, no matter how big or small.  She is always researching health and exercise benefits and handing out healthy recipes and meal plan ideas for anyone who wants them.  She gives out “goodies” to those who have done their homework or made their goal.  Not only is she a good personal training provider but also genuinely cares for everyone she comes in contact with, regardless whether they are on a fitness journey or just a life journey.  She is truly a good friend.”

Daniel Kaufmann


“I am down about 62 pounds from January 6, 2015. I wanted to thank you for your help in getting me jump started.  One of the key things in getting started on my journey to a healthier lifestyle is to have a coach. I had heard about you through my wife and mother-in-law and felt like I needed to work with someone to get me started on the right path. You helped me with accountability, as I knew if I wasn’t making progress I would get a gentle nudge. Creating the right environment for success in losing weight and being healthy is critical.

The right environment started with our meeting to talk about food. I travel for a living and love food. We also had a cupboard full of “healthy snacks”. The labels said “Low Fat” and only “100 Calories”. We found many of these foods in the “Health Food” section of our grocery store. That is where our first meeting changed my eating and buying habits. Not all labels are truthful, and in fact you taught me how to read a nutritional label so I can make good choices when I don’t have anyone around to consult.

The first day we met I went home and read labels and we cleaned out the cupboard and refrigerator. I was amazed at what I had been eating, and how I thought I was making healthy choices, but many had 19-25grams of sugar, and not natural! No wonder so many people have trouble getting started on a new lifestyle. Your 20 foods list items now fill our house. The kids think we are crazy!

The formula for success is not complete without exercise. Although we didn’t do any workouts together (yet), you gave me some good exercises to get started on my own while in a hotel room. Walking was also enough to change my daily calorie burn to help my progress. Sharing MyFitnessPal with you also helped with the accountability and allowed me to keep on track. I have the FitBit watch that is connected to the app so I can monitor results seamlessly.

Thanks again for your help in getting me on track. I feel so much better and feel like making good decisions is second nature. I hope others can use your vast knowledge to get to their goals.”

Daniel Kaufmann
Senior Radiology Ultrasound Account Executive
Central Zone Team Leader
GE Healthcare

Jennifer McCubbin

jen mccubbin“Sarah Hansel has been my inspiration on my fitness journey.  She leads by example with daily exercise and healthy eating and has taught me a great deal about living the “fit” life.  As a woman who travels for work and eats out (sometimes 3 meals per day) I struggle to maintain weight.  And I also struggle to work in work outs.  She has helped build workout plans that I can do in hotel rooms with no equipment!  And because of her, my 7 year old daughter and I are avid label readers and we know to look out for too much sugar, sodium, etc. on any packaged foods we choose to eat.  Although, we have also learned from Sarah that FRESH IS BEST!!”


Mickey Blake

mickey blake

“The Arm Yourself Christian fitness class focuses on more than just the physical aspect of a healthy lifestyle, it focuses on the complete self…..spiritual, mental and emotional.  This program made me look at my complete self, as well as putting God at the center of my workouts, which really brought a new level of enjoyment.”

Mickey Blake