Okay, so I tried this Master Cleanse (my first Detox)…

This was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but OHHHHH the benefits outweighed my measly little 10 day detox in respects to my life time of benefits!!!!!!

Downfalls and Pitfalls of a Detox:

When the body goes through a detoxification it is getting rid of nasty things the body should not have in it to begin with…so it bellows and revolts in anger as those nasty things come out…and let me tell you, there are nasty things that can come out.

With that being said, here are some negatives that will arise…this is my personal experience (of course there are many testimonials that these are typical of a detox)

1. Caffeine addiction got the best of me (kick it before you start). Got headaches like Ive never had.
2. Got hunger pangs immediately the first day…and I have fasted before for over a day without any food and never had these pangs before…it is because your body is processing the “drink” and it is starting to work…making you hungry…HOWEVER, I WASN’T drinking enough of the drink (that is a Pitfall if you don’t read the entire booklet!)
3. It seemed for me, on days 3 and 5 days, I got the worst feelings…those yucky feelings like I was dizzy or going to pass out or just wanted to sleep.
4. Day 4 I felt great, so I felt like I was almost done…but I didn’t know really what was happening inside my body yet…so the downfall is the unknowing of what was going to happen next.
5. Having loose stools for about 3 days straight…and they seemed “hot” with a little burning sensation, but no pain involved, just a downfall of not knowing how long it was going to last.
6. Not being able to go out for fear of having to run to the bathroom.

So all this above doesn’t seem all to hard does it??
It’s enough to scare me in to NOT doing anything like that, EVER!

BUT, let me tell you something, a secret, a hidden jewel in to WHY you SHOULD do this!!!!
Check out the post …

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