Complete Core

grab-and-go quick workouts

Not every core exercise is right for every person. Some people have a tight neck and shouldn’t perform endless crunches or even hold a plank for long periods of time. Some have a lower bad back and can’t put too much pressure on it, so even using your back as a fulcrum to perform core exercises could be dangerous. 


TABATA is an interval exercise named after Dr. Tabata. His findings were this interval worked the best for the max output for fat loss and heart conditioning – if you worked your hardest for 20 seconds – maxing out. 

Now, chose the core exercises you want. You can do up to 3 TABATA circuits of core in a day – but remember to rest a day between working your core again. 

All the descriptions can be found on this page.


My first round of Tabata from the list of core exercises I chose:

#1.)L-Crunch – 20 seconds on

10 seconds rest

#2.) Reverse Crunch, 20 seconds on

10 seconds rest

#3.) Twisters, 20 seconds on

10 seconds rest

#4.) Scorpions, 20 seconds on

Repeat the entire circuit.


You can use this formula in any execise program, and I LOVE it for core workouts.


#1. )20 Seconds – Abdominal exercise

10 Seconds Rest

#2.) 20 Seconds – Abdominal exercise

10 Seconds Rest

#3.) 20 Seconds – Oblique exercise

10 Seconds Rest

#4.) 20 Seconds – Back exercise

10 Seconds Rest


Core Exercises

Glute Stretch 1
L- Crunch: Take hands behind head and lift bent leg over the opposite knee up and down.
Twisters: Rock hips side to side
Scorpions 1
Bicyycle Level 3
Bicycles Level 3: Advanced
Bicyycle Level 2
Bicycles Level 2: Intermediate
Bicyycle Level 1
Bicycles Level 1: Beginner/Injured
Bottoms Up On Stability Ball 1
Bottoms Up Position One
Bottoms Up On Stability Ball
Bottoms Up Postion Two
Flutters Core
Flutter Crunches
Chuck N Tuck 1
Chuck N Tuck Position One
Chuck N Tuck 2
Check N Tuck Position Two
Plank High Fives
High Fives
seal crunches
Seal Crunches Position One
Seal crunches 2
Seal Crunches Position Two
Leg Raises
Leg Taps
Oblique Lifts
On the Beach
Plank Hip Dips
Hip Dips
Knees to Elbow
Knee to Elbow