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Total Core Workout

There are countless ways to work the core – and not every core exercise is right for all people.

Some people have a tight neck and shouldn’t perform endless crunches or even hold a plank for long periods of time. Some have a lower bad back and can’t put too much pressure on it, so even using your back as a fulcrum to perform core exercises could be dangerous.

Choose the exercises that fit you best from the list and photos at the bottom of the page – the ones you want to do most.

Choose 4 exercises and then rotate through them in a TABATA format (TABATA format is 4 different exercises for 20 seconds each, with 10 seconds rest between each, then repeat.)

SAMPLE: My first round of Tabata from the list of core exercises I chose:

L-Crunch – 20 seconds on

10 seconds rest

Reverse Crunch, 20 seconds on

10 seconds rest

Twisters, 20 seconds on

10 seconds rest

Scorpions, 20 seconds on

Repeat the entire circuit.

Now, you chose the core exercises you want and do the same circuit. You can do up to 3 TABATA circuits of core in a day – but remember to rest a day between working your core again. All the descriptions can be found on this page.

Bicycles – abs, obliques

Level 3
Level 2
Level 1






Bottoms Up On Ball – Back


Chuck N Tuck – Abs


Flutter Crunches – Abs

Seal Crunches – abs, back


Scorpions – abs, back, obliques

Hip Dips – abs, obliques


High Fives – abs, back, obliques

Leg Taps – abs

Oblique Lifts – obliques


Knee to Elbow – abs, back, obliques

Reverse Flye Crunches – abs, back, chest


Twisters – abs, obliques

Surfers – back, abs, legs



Arching Dog, back, abs, arms



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