If God didn’t create the Sabbath than there would be way too many people stressed out – I should say – more stressed out than there already are. Look around or think of people you saw today in the store, at work, at school or in line. How many people were too focused or stressed looking?We are created to have rest days from everyday life. Take Saturdays or Sundays off to reset and refocus and regain strength before you begin another week of toxic running from here to there. Don’t do anything this day. Keep it holy, keep the normality of life on the shelf and do something out of the box. Do something with your family. Go on a walk if you are a runner. Go on a slow bike ride if you are a swimmer. Do something that your muscle don’t normally do during the week – REST!

Did you know our stomachs were created to rest as well? God calls us to fast in the Bible in many Scripture passages. It is about focusing on God and being still, praying and meditating. And get this, there are also biological benefits to fasting.  This has been proven in recent science studies that it’s a good for your body to rest your digestive tract – it resets it. And remember, you won’t starve to death if you give up a meal or two. There are people in other countries that do it every day.
Americans are so blessed with food that it can be a clutch, a habit and a source of comfort and pain for many.  If we can’t even go one day without food, it’s because it’s a habit. Sometimes habits are worth breaking. Now, if you have a reason why you shouldn’t fast (diabetes, heart condition, you are getting treatment or if you were exposed to eating disorders in the past – talk to your doctor first). We are all different and have different needs. If you are among those who need a change – go for it. It’s Biblical.

Rest can also involve resting from the computer, from the TV and from friends. You can be doing something different or not doing anything at all. You can be still and just BE.

So how does this relate to Strength Training? Your muscles need a rest, they need to repair and reset. It’s important to know how often to do Strength Training and when to rest. Someone can lift everyday, using the same muscle groups over and over, thinking they are making progress when they are actually doing harm.

Do you know the 48-72 hour rule?

If you do bicep curls on Monday, you shouldn’t do them again Wednesday. You need to REST those muscles so they can rebuild instead of rip, tear or over-train. If you can’t on Wednesday, then you need to do it prior to the 72 hour mark in order to see benefits from the lift you performed on Monday. After 72 hours, it’s highly accepted that those muscles will begin cessation.(You have 2 weeks before cardiovascular begins cessation.)

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