Warm Up Is Just As Important – 400-600 Reps – Advanced Level

During your warm up, remember who created you, remember why you have the health you have. It’s not because YOU eat well and YOU take care of your body. God gave you that body to take care of, that’s your free gift from Him and your obligation. Remember those who are stricken with a disease or poor health and can’t do these exercises below like you can. Thank God for the body you have, thank Him that you can do these exercises and that you are improving your health.
So do it, physically tell God “thank you for my body, no matter how I feel about it, I know it’s a gift from you.” Take a few moments more if needed and tell Him. Go ahead, you can do it.

Warm Up – Time with God
Walk a track or march or  jog in place for 5 minutes to get your heart rate nice and steady, try some great music to get you motivated. Remember that whatever you listen to, that is going straight to your soul & your spirit. You think about it more than “you think you are thinking about it”…

So, here we go – Let’s begin:
Stretching: Always start with light stretching for 15 seconds per hold after you have warmed up your body a bit.

400-600 Reps (15-30 reps of each exercise)

  • Jump Lunge Kick Up 30 reps – Right Lunge and then kick your back leg forward to a kick in the front and then return back to start. Jump and switch legs in the air (if possible). Repeat.
  • Side Burpee Knee Tuck 30 reps – (def. of Regular Burpee: stand and then jump up in air, arms up over head, and squat down and touch floor. Thrust legs behind you to make a plank, then reverse the order. Bring legs back in to squatting position then jump up in air and repeat.) Instead of thrusting legs to the back, thrust legs out to one side. then push your legs out to the left side instead of right behind you, bring knees in to squat position (without taking hands off ground) then do the same thing to the other side
  • Super Jump Squats 30 reps – squat low and pulse 10 times then jump up and repeat
  • Jumping Knee Tucks 30 reps – jump and grab shins, repeat
  • Jack Jump Tuck 30 reps -full  jumping jack then bring knees in for a tuck jump, repeat
  • Spiderman Push Ups 30 reps – normal pushup, but when coming down bring right knee to right elbow, next push switch to the left side
  • One Leg Jump Up 15 reps on each leg – lunge down then jump up with one leg repeat on same leg.
  • Star Crunches 30 reps – lay flat like and X, crunch up by bringing legs straight up over hips, thrust arms thru legs, keep legs wide come to starting position
  • Sumo Twist Crunch 30 reps – lay flat on ground bring knees up over hips, then take knees out to sides like a laying flat sumo, arms bent holding behind head, crunch from side to side bringing knee to elbow, switching sides – you will feel this in your obliques
  • Plank Lifts 30 reps – In a plank position (pushup position) knees slightly bent, jump with the feet off the ground at same time, repeat
  • Stretch major muscles for 15-30 seconds each
  • Drink more water and eat some protein within 15-30 minutes after you are finished

This workout should have you drenched and feeling like your entire body was worked over. Make it harder: do it twice no rest in between.  This workout is designed for the advanced level. If you want a different workout, look up the Intermediate Level or Beginner Levels.

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