Water Shred Sign ups

Wate Shred Details & Instructions:

I’ll contact you for the official start date, but typically classes begin the first week or two in June. If we get lucky, the end of May.

There are many teachers who take classes but can’t start right away, so please include in the comment box what week you can start.  You only need to sign up and pay for 1 week in advance during the summer. We know people go on vacations and travel or have fun lunch dates. All we ask is that you plan it out 1 week in advance and pay for your spot to secure it.

Class Prices & Protocol:

We only require payment 1 week in advance. Only the first week we required payment for the 2 weeks you will attend upfront.

  1. If you miss a class and do not contact Sarah 24 hours in advance, you lose that pre-paid class spot.- no makeup.
  2. If you are sick,  have an emergency and need to cancel, you are more than welcome to make that class up at another time or bank it.
  3. Please, be courteous of your time slot. There is usually a wait list for your slot. This is why we prepay for the classes – it secures your spot.

$20/3 classes per week

$15/2 classes per week

$8/1 class per week

Child Care:

Child care is offered at $2 for the first child and $1 per additional child after that per class. I have 5 daughters and they split the job. Infants will need to have a stroller or car seat. Sometimes the kids will go to the park down the road or go inside pending the heat. They will not play in the backyard where they can see mom in the pool (and wonder why they can’t go swimming too). We do offer free swim days for those families of water shred after some classes throughout the summer so they kids CAN go swimming too. We do not offer child swim lessons at this time.

Makeup Classes & Weather Cancellations:

Last year we were lucky and only had 2-3 weather-related cancellations. I will text within 15 minutes of class, and those who live much farther 45 minutes, or you can always call. The reason we wait so close to class is that it could be raining in your neighborhood, but not mine. Or summer storms pass quickly and the sun starts shining 5 minutes before class. If there is a cancelation due to weather, or a pool malfunction, of course, you can bank that pre-paid class! Sometimes we have to make up on Saturday mornings at 10am.

What To Wear:

Most wear a one piece, tankini, or a full support bikini. You can wear a swim shirt or tank top or sports bra. Sunglasses or a hat or visor is very suggested as that water reflects the sun. You may not get your hair totally wet, that is up to you. But we do splash!

What to NOT Wear:

  • Do not wear deodorant, perfumes, lots of makeup or hair products—it just washes off in the pool and floats on the top (by your mouth).
  • Do not wear water shoes
  • Do not wear string bikinis (unless you’d like to pull it up or back on all of class =)
  • Do not wear sunscreen on your body below your arms and back, the sun will not reach under the water that far

Sign Up:

Please fill out the form below. I’ll contact you to confirm your desired dates and times (as it may fill prior to me getting your desired times). Please include in the comment box what week you can start.

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