I believe you have the power through Christ to change your life to make healthier decisions. Sometimes it’s just getting help from a coach or a mentor to help keep you accountable and get you in the right direction. Coaching is all about making an impact on others to influence them to make progress. 

God has given us each the tremendous gift of life.  It is our job to grab hold of it and use it and live as He intended us to. Learn more ABOUT ME

My general online sessions are video-based through facetime or a web came so we can physically see each other.  

After introductions and I get a feel for your goals and health concerns, we dive in. Some topics we go over depending on individual needs include the following but are not limited to:

1.  Nailing Down Physical & Nutritional Health
2.  Your War Room; Mental Health
3.  Secrets Behind Your Workouts, Social Health
4.  Jealousy or Depression, Emotional Health
5.  Tools, Tips, Tricks and Beyond, Spiritual Health

Every client is different so there are no cookie-cutter approaches going on here.

 It’s all personalized to YOU.

Along with face to face communication, there are handouts, homework, resources, and accountability tracking that takes place.  There’s so much, it is so exciting!

COMMENTS I Hear Often:

I’m feeling tired all the time.

Not sure what to eat and when?

There’s so much advice on the Internet, I’m not sure what is actually correct?

My marriage is on the rocks…

I’m getting fat. No wait, I AM FAT!

I just want to look better.

These are natural responses and comments to everyday life. I hear these things all the time. If you feel any of these, you are not alone. There are millions of women who feel alone, trapped, and worn out. Many feel they are never going to be able to stop the emotional eating, the mental struggles with depressing or sizing up others through a jealous heart.

Being stressed out can make us overeat because of emotional burdens, which makes us angry or depressed later because of the damage we just caused our physical bodies. It’s a nasty cycle that can be stopped. There is a way out. There is light at the end of this tunnel!

If there was one thing you could do right now to change the way you feel, would you take my advice? If there was one step you could take today to increase your physical health, would you do it? I’m so passionate about helping you there are 2 things you can do right now that will help your situation.

First one is to pray. 

It’s simple enough. Just stop what you’re doing and ask God to meet you. There is so much you could ask Him. But if I could suggest one thing, just tell Him you love Him, or you want to love Him and to show you how to do that. When we love others, sometimes it takes the focus off ourselves and helps us forget, even if for a moment, about something else.

Secondly, eat some fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Even if you have to cook them, eat them. Nutrition is like a bank account. You can keep eating and it will continually add to your health. The more you eat them up, the better you can feel. God made our food supply and your physical body. He tells us to eat clean (it’s all over in the Bible). He should know a thing or two about what the best foods are. Follow His good book.

Finally, Get Help. 

If you feel you could benefit in any way from coaching, even if for a few session to get some PERSONALIZED help for your health, and you’re willing to pay a little for it, please fill out the form. It’s not scary. It will be very uplifting. I promise.

You are a rock star!

Just think if you started your health journey today, what your life would be like this time next year?