What Legacy Are You Leaving Behind?

I came across a little boy this week who knew Easter to be filled with Easter egg hunts and big meals, like Thanksgiving.  I asked if he went to church on Easter.  He said he stopped going when they moved about 3 years ago.  

On St. Patrick’s Day a few weeks ago, millions celebrated with green clothing, green brew, green themed parties and green little leprechauns.  I soon realized many adults don’t know much about this day either.  I asked a group of friends while out to eat that night what the meaning was behind this day.  Not one at the table knew.  One guessed it had something to do with a Saint due to the name, and that it probably was more religious than we give it credit for. Ahh, just like Easter and Christmas.  

The generation growing up behind my generation seems to be more clueless than I thought about celebrating holidays.  One of my friends would save loads of money all year to purchase an expensive gift “from Santa”.  It occurred strange to me that all her hard efforts for this gift wasn’t even really from her. She gave credit to Santa. All in fun I’m sure, it still didn’t seem fair. Why not give Santa credit for the “cheaper” gift?  

One of my children told me her friend said Santa could live forever.  Then she said to me, “If Santa could live forever, and so could Jesus, who else could?”  

Confusion.  Lies. Misinformation.  The list could go on with what is wrong here. The point I’d like to make is that in all these holidays, Christ is supposed to be the focus – the reason why we are celebrating – but is very much lost in the celebrating. 

What Legacy Are You Leaving Behind to the generation after you?  Are you teaching them the real meaning behind what we celebrate?  Do you ever get lost in the celebration of the big day?

Easter celebrates the day Jesus rose from the grave (the true highlight of any Christian – the best day in history!)

St. Patrick’s Day commemorates Christianity coming into Ireland, with special thanks to the help from St. Patrick. 

Christmas celebrates the day Jesus was born in this world, as prophesied hundreds of years prior.

What truths are you leaving with the generation coming behind you?  Will they have it right when they share it with the generation after them?

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