Who Has The Time? Read to the bottom – Great Workout!

There are so many ways to get fit, but why doesn’t the average person stick to those opportunities of fitness?

We could all think of a few reasons, but we all know that a major one is TIME!

Think about it like this:
It might take the average person 5 minutes to eat breakfast, maybe longer if they are reading the paper, making a shopping list, to do list or looking at their computer screen. When you eat and do something else with your hands you don’t enjoy your breakfast. You are already starting your day before you are fueled up (physically, mentally and spiritually) and ready to walk out that door.

The most important thing you can do in the morning, before breakfast or during, is to set your heart right for the day by spending some time with God. Time doesn’t mean 30 minutes, it doesn’t mean 1 hour. It just means TIME. (not sure how to spend time with God? Check out my DOC “Devotional”)

TIME is well spent when there is quality involved.

QUALITY TIME is what God is asking.  So before you start those Plyometric Exercises, put God first and maybe you might want to talk to him about helping you get through these fun plyometric exercises!

Plyometrics (also known as “plyos”) is a type of exercise training designed to produce fast, powerful movements, and improve the functions of the nervous system, generally for the purpose of improving performance in sports.
So…are you ready? Grab some water and start your timer on your watch. We are taking Plyos and Intervals to a new level.

This is for the advanced exerciser or one who is willing to  be one:
Warm Up

  • Jumping Jacks 30 seconds
  • Stretch Major Muscles, hold 10 seconds each

Circuit 1: Go through each exercise, get water then repeat.

  • 5 each side Staggered Pushups
  • 30 sets Cross Country Skiing
  • 10 Jump Squats
  • 30 Floor Triceps Dips
  • 30 Mountain Climbers
  • Fast Football Run 10 seconds into 3 Pushups
  • 10 Squat-Thrusts (stand, squat down to plank then reverse to standing)

Circuit 2: Go through each exercise, get water then repeat.

  • 30 sets Walking Front Kicks
  • 10 Push Up Plank Exchanges (elbow to extended arm, alternate arm directions 2nd time through)
  • 30 Reverse Crunches (on back toes in air, lift bottom off ground)
  • 30 sets Rocking Horse (right leg in front & left in back, left leg fwd 2nd time through)
  • 30 sets Side Kicks; alternating legs
  • 10 Right Side Plank Thread the Needle (alternate sides second time through)
  • 30 Speed Jacks (as fast as you can go)

Circuit 3: Go through each exercise, get water then repeat.

  • 10 Burpees, (squat thrust with push up and hop at end)
  • 30 One Right Legged Mountain Climbers (right leg stationary, then left leg second time through)
  • 30 Traditional Sit Ups
  • 30 sets Jump Lunges (alternate legs 2nd time through)
  • 60 Right Arm Speed Bags (alternate arm 2nd time through)
  • 30 Bunny Hops on Toes
  • 10 Walking Push Ups (5 one way, 5 the other)

Cool Down

  • 30 seconds Football Run
  • Stretch Major Muscles, hold each for 15-30 seconds

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