Wellness Weeknight

Do you ever wish you could get together with other like-minded women and have a women’s Christ-centered fitness group or night? Maybe a place to talk and ask questions about the right diet, what things are really legit on Pinterest, what exercises are best, what is going on with emotional eating, where does this mental roller coaster come from?

A wellness weeknight or weekend is just that.  A women’s Christ-centered group that meets on one or two specific nights with a fitness professional to focus on overall wellness, aka whole-health.

These nights were originated due to the lack of implementation of healthy habits (which we all are guilty of from time to time). Women are busy and need an outlet to be reminded to take care of themselves, instead of focusing always on others.

Book a Wellness Weekend for your group and help them get and stay healthy. Women know what to do, but we don’t necessarily do it, or know how exactly.  Ironically, we have so many tools and resources, we just don’t know which is best.

It’s a saturated information highway on the web and frankly, there is too much to sift through.

What is a Wellness Weeknight or Weekend?

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Our wellness involves all areas of our health; physical, nutritional, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social.  Sometimes we need to take a night, or a weekend, to specifically get focused and give certain health areas a boost in order to truly live and thrive in life like God intended.

A wellness weeknight is not about telling people to join a gym or have a nutrition class. There is so much more to our health, and exercise and nutrition are just one portion of it.

When we are hurting in one area of our health, other areas follow suit. If my husband and I get into an argument before work, the following few hours make me stressed, angered, sad, and emotional. In response, I usually stress-eat and drink way too much coffee. I think about what was said, how I could have said it better, and what I’m going to do to fix it. Of course, there could be other things that go through my mind, but the point is when we are emotionally hurting we can mentally and physically respond poorly. Our whole body can suffer when just one part of it is hurting or in distress.

You may hear people talk about a wellness wheel. We all have a central hub with spokes sticking out of it. Each spoke represents a health component.

If our hub isn’t healthy, then other areas won’t be 100% efficient either. But let’s say our hub is healthy.  Even if one spoke is broken or momentarily not working well, it can put too much pressure on the other spokes and make the whole wheel ineffective.

I have fitness and nutrition under control (being a Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach), but my emotions and mental thinking aren’t what I call 100% efficient. I can get jealous, covet, and do all these things that torment my health just as easily as someone who can’t control themselves by eating 3 or 4 cookies instead of one.

We all have health issues, battles, and areas we can get improve.  Sometimes, we won’t want to talk about them because they are deep issues that can expose our ‘nakedness’ and failures.  However, getting to the root issues of our heart can be the most freeing component of exterior health issues. This is what we will discuss in our meetings. We focus on the whole person.

  • There is a reason why we overeat.
  • There is a reason why we get jealous.
  • There is a reason why we covet.

This is what we will dig deep and identify our personal issues (which could be very different than the woman sitting right next to us). We will uncover personal remedies found in God’s work so we can fix them and move on with our healthy living for God.

Arm yourself and help the women in your church and group flourish in their friendships, their families, their God-given purpose and living through a wellness meeting. Give them tools for success to help them become even more healthy so they can do more in less time, and are focused on God instead of themselves.

Wellness Week Nights

Wellness Week Nights are a simple way to have an effective fun fellowship time without investing in lots of prep work. Basically, announce the night and advertise it with materials given, and show up.  Sarah will come to your location and facilitate the Wellness Night. Here is what’s included in one of these nights:

  • Around 2 hours of fun, learning, and interactive wellness (tailored to your personal group)
  • Discussions about simple strategies on HOW to overcome ‘hearty’ health issues
  • Uncover God’s remedies for your self-image and overall health.
  • Comparing popular health concepts and how they stack up with the Bible.
  • Direction on optional light healthy snacks to be served or created
  • Optional fitness class can be taught by Sarah (deep stretching, pilates, group fitness cardio, etc).
  • Discussions and presentations are tailored to your group personally—no cookie cutting. There is a group questionnaire prior to the evening for specific wellness targeting.
  • Handouts are included so the material can be digested after the meeting.

Wellness Weekend

Wellness Weekends are an extraordinary way to get women in your group together to focus on their personal health goals and strengthen relationships, all focused on God. Sarah will come to your location and facilitate the weekend with your group leaders.

The weekend events are more in-depth than a Wellness Night.  We’ll focus on your group’s personal health. Sarah will meet with your group leaders to gather a self-assessment from and about your women.  Then, she will work with you to tailor the desired path for your special weekend. This is your wellness weekend and we all want it to be personally effective and lasting.

All of the above bullet points in the Wellness Nights are included, but also:

  • Specifically targeted bonding breakout sessions—focusing on social health
  • More optional group fitness classes (for any level)
  • Question & Answer
  • Snack make-n-take options
  • Accountability and wellness workshops
  • Handouts and challenges for further motivation after the weekend

These weekends are creatively constructed to make sure every woman walks away from the time together with a personal plan of action with her health.

Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshops are an opportunity to host your own wellness event. Sarah will work with and coach your group’s leaders and teach them how to facilitate your wellness event.


BOOK YOUR WELLNESS Week Night, Weekend or Workshops

  • Fill out the contact form with your contact information and any questions you may have.
  • You choose the day and time(s).
  • Sarah will coordinate with you directly about your personal event with a specific questionnaire to target the night to your group’s needs.