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A Few Things To Consider

Don’t be scared of heavier weights.  Almost every fitness model lifts pretty heavy.  I have hit my limit with 15-20 pound upper body free-weights, while some other women around me are still using 5-10 pounds. They complain they don’t see progress but refuse to lift even 5-10 pounds heavier because they are scared they will bulk.

There is a poor stigma with lifting heavier.  Most women think they will get bulky if they lift even a little heavier.  

Your body does have a limit. Your body will tell you when you hit that limit. 

The more muscle you have on your frame, the more fat you burn at rest.

Body fat is our issue, not heavyweights.

Fat takes up more room than muscle.  Women will not bulk up like a man if they use heavier weights – unless they take additional steroids and/or overeat.

IT’S NOT A RACE! Training takes slow steps of small accomplishments.