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Simple Rules to Follow

  1. Do not work out 7 days per week – you must have a least one day of rest/recovery.
  2. Suggested days for exercise might be: Mon & Wed & Friday or Tuesday & Thursday.  If you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle, you sure can workout 6 days per week.
  3. Exercise on M/W/F, then you can workout our your entire body, cardio included.  This is because you’ll have rest days in between your workouts.
  4. Workout M/T/W/TH/F/S, you will need to switch what you do on these days.  You shouldn’t workout your chest every day of the week – you will get burn out with in your muscle, among other issues like injuries, overused muscle, strains, tears or even be hindering your progress from grow or weight loss.
  5. You need to allow your muscles to rest in between the God-given time frame; 48 hours – 72 hours.  So, you can workout your chest on M/W/F, or M/TH/Sat.
  6. Saturday for lower body, cardio and core, Tues & Thurs &/or Sat for cardio & upper body.  Yes, you can do upper body on Bottoms Up days.
  7. Please fill in your calendar of weekly exercise.

Trainer Tips


Don’t be scared of heavier weights.  Almost every fitness model in magazines say they lift pretty heavy – this is all determined by a person’s weight, age, height, athletic ability and training background and more. There is a poor stigma with lifting heavier.  Women for the most party think we will get bulky when we lift heavier.  The only reason why it would appear this way is because they are building muscle under the fat, so the fat is getting pushed out – making it more bulky.  However, the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn at rest.

Models don’t have fat on their thighs making their legs larger.

Fat is our issue, not heavy weights.

Fat takes up way more room than muscle.  You will NOT bulk up like a man if you take heaver weights – unless you take steroids and overeat.

IT’S NOT A RACE! Don’t worry about what tomorrow will bring.  Training your body takes slow steps of small accomplishments and will add up to magnificent results if you don’t give up.  You have to put in consistent time to get results (don’t take off a week here and there).  Once you have obtained those goals the training won’t be as challenging with time or consuming in your thoughts.  Be happy for the smaller accomplishments while keeping your eye on the larger picture.